Impulse. Action. Visualization.


The QuWiki BOARD is the connection of the physical world with the digital world.

It enables automated processes with intelligent impulse. A digital impulse that is triggered by simply plugging in an assigned QuWiki CARD in the board and processed automatically.

With the QuWiki BOARD you can facilitate a fully automated and, above all, keyboardless process control. This significantly reduces the process times for recurring actions.

If an impulse is detected, a person simply inserts the card into the board. By inserting the card, people can keep track of the processes that have been started, as the action triggered is visualized.

The digital processes take over the rest and control the designed processes.

When the status changes, the QuWiki CARD is simply removed from the board. Done.

Digital. Plug.

  • Digitizes and visualizes processes
  • Very simple operation
  • No training necessary
  • Universally applicable
  • Language-neutral
  • Easy entry into digitization
  • Automated procurement processes

Digital. Slides.

  •  Digital order folders
  • All documents in the order folder
  • Status pulse of waiting orders
  • Status change on removal
  •  Easy handling
  • Digitalization of existing processes



Digital. filing.

  •  Process impulse at the desk
  • Insert WikiCARD = action started
  • Time recording in the ticket
  • Project management
  • Order completion in production
  • Status change in the overall process
  • Change of responsibility

Digital. Mobile.

  • Intelligent scanning
  • All QuWiki modules mobile
  • Complementary to all QuWiki readers.
  • WLAN or via data card
  • Clear interface
  • Secured use
  • Integrative for all QuWiki methods



Digital. Throwing.

  • Throw empty containers into the QuWikiBIGBOX
  • Automatic reordering
  • Easy exchange of the pallet
  • BIGBOX can be used flexibly
  • No permanent installation necessary


QuWikiPOINT, QuWikiBOARD, smartPRO, QuWikiPOINTi as well as individual industry solutions

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