The digital organization platform

QuWikiPOINT is the central system in your change process. With the organization platform, you manage processes, projects, institutions, internal as well as external communication, manage and organize your purchasing, organize contracts and documents of all kinds and structure any content in a wiki library.

You work collaboratively with your team, your customers and suppliers. A personal To Do dashboard provides information about tasks from tickets, emails, projects, documents or appointments at any time. At the same time QuWikiPOINT is the

Interface to the QuWiki BOARDs and QuWikiPOINTi.

QuWiki enables agile software customization and integration of new methods and processes. Through our open architecture, as required we transfer the data to your existing and primary software, e.g. your ERP system.

You easily define your processes and functions and thus can keep track of everything strategically and operatively.


  • Control projects and tasks
  • Plug-in extension modules
  • Own purchasing functions
  • XRM – managing suppliers
  • Multi-client capable
  • Innovative through AI

Integration of proven ERP systems

Dispositive purchasing

  • Keyboardless purchasing
  • QuWikiBOARD exclusive
  • Digitization for people

Compatible with solutions such as SAP, ariba, SimpleSystem, Onventis Veenion, Synertrade, Jaggaer, Mercateo, ProAlpha, Infor, DATEV, Simba and more (in combination with image from QuWikiBOARD)


QuWikiPOINT, QuWikiBOARD, smartPRO, QuWikiPOINTi as well as individual industry solutions

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