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The QuWiki method uses high-performance, adaptive systems and databases to intelligently connect enterprise processes, data, information and communication flows.


Consulting – Analysis – Strategy

What use are the most beautiful business models, flow charts or presentations if the implementation in practice is missing? A good concept only brings your company added value if it also proves itself in practice.

Implementation - Modelling - Optimization

As an important part of the entire process chain from the manufacturer to the end customer, purchasing is indispensable today. Therefore, it is important for purchasing managers to think about their role and to develop and pursue their own “purchasing vision”.

Process chain from manufacturer to end user

  • Strategic purchasing portal smartPRO
  • Digital supply chain with smartDS
  • External purchase – transfer of know-how
  • Electronic Kanban
  • Purchase projects and benchmarks
  • Alliances – Strategic Partnerships


Execution – Modeling – Optimization

Purchasing is indispensable as an important part of the entire process chain from manufacturer to end customer. It is therefore important that those responsible for procurement think about their role and develop and pursue their own “purchasing vision”.

QuWiki Know-how

It is always people who implement and accompany the processes along the value added chain. We accompany your company and your employees in theory and practice, we advise, establish, coach, train, educate and provide advanced training, and provide necessary assistance and help for self-help.

Transfer in purchasing and practical training.


QuWikiPOINT, QuWikiBOARD, smartPRO, QuWikiPOINTi and individual industry solutions

Impuls. Aktion. Visualisierung.

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